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Aisha Kids 2 Piece Prayer Outfits

Aisha Kids 2 Piece Prayer Outfits


Launching our THIRD range of KIDS Prayer Wear!


Aisha in Turqoise


Cute and Comfy design, everything you need to make your young girls twirl with joy. See them get excited and thrilled about Salah.


Crafted from soft, cooling and breathable premium rayon material.


Motive : Aisha

Colour : Light Turqoise

Design : Mixi ( Ruffle + PomPoms)


*Please note that the Mixi design of the Prayer set is of the last Photo and it has NO UNDER CHIN ZIPPER*


This prayer wear series, with its simple and sweet design is perfect for your precious girls.


Gift your precious girls a set of this uber cute prayer wear and see them get excited to perform their Salah. Each prayer wear comes with a matching bag.

  • Size


    Size 4 : $41.9

    Girls Aged 4y - 6y

    HEIGHT : 100cm - 115cm

    Hijab: 80cm (front) 85cm (back)

    Skirt: 80cm (length)



    Size 7 : $46.90

    Girls aged 7y - 9y

    HEIGHT : 115cm - 130cm

    Hijab: 90cm (front) 95cm (back)

    Skirt: 90cm (length)



    Size 10 : $51.9

    Girls aged 10y - 12y

    HEIGHT : 130cm - 145cm

    Hijab: 100cm (front) 1055cm (back)

    Skirt: 100cm (length)

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