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Bilal & Mr. Shells: The Miraculous Life of Isa

Bilal & Mr. Shells: The Miraculous Life of Isa

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Bilal and Mr. Shells are best pals and together they will overcome any obstacles. In this rhyming book, they will learn about a talking baby and his miracles.


Read along and join in the adventure as it will teach you about an important figure.


Prophets are our heroes and they teach us lessons to help our knowledge grow bigger.


About the Author Originally from Tripoli, Lebanon, Farah Elmoudani currently lives in Southern California, USA. Farah currently holds an A.S in Social and Behavioral Sciences, an Associate Teacher Certificate and she is continuing her education for an English B.A and a TOSEL Certificate.


Farah's inspiration in writing Islamic children's stories began a few years ago during her time working with young children. Farah would often ask herself how could she provide motivation and fun in learning about Islam for the youth? And... there it was! Farah decided to write about the prophets. Farah believes that children can learn large amounts of information about the heroic prophets by listening to stories about their manners, dedication to Allah (SWT), patience and more. Farah hopes that by reading her stories, it will bring fulfillment to all the readers' hearts. Hayam El-Abbas is an illustrator and character designer from Cairo, Egypt.

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