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Connecting With Allah

Connecting With Allah


Read in the warmth of someone’s lap,

Or as a family affair,

These gentle rhymes will soothe your heart,

Whilst making you aware,

Of your Lord, with names so beautiful,

You should learn them with care,

So you love Him, know Him, ask of Him,

And you bloom with every prayer.

Keep connecting with Allah.

Always and everywhere,

In the different seasons of your life,

Know with certainty, He’s there.



Connecting with Allah is a treasury of 50 poems on Allah swt’s names and attributes.


Perfect for reading aloud and sharing with all the family, these poems – together with sources from the Qur'an and hadith – serve as a starting point for discussions on who Allah is and how to draw nearer to Him in love and worship.



Additional information:


This book contains poems about many, but not all, of Allah swt’s beloved names.

Please view the pictures and read through the product description and additional info to determine if this is the correct book for your needs.

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