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Humairah Tagged Qur'an

Humairah Tagged Qur'an


The Humairah Tagged Quran is a Quran that has been tagged in a thoughtful way to aid you in your strengthening your relationship with the Quran at the same time deepening your understanding of the ayats.


Each Juzuk is carefully and clearly tagged to ease you in finding them.


The Tagged Quran also has ayahs tagged with important topic matters to aid you in your search for that ayah you love and that ayah you find so motivating.


Topic matters act as a reference points and a tip for the gist of the ayahs. The tags make it easy for you to find specific juzuk and your favourite ayahs.


They also highlight verses on duas, reminders, Prophet stories and more.


Comes in a perfect A5 size with both Arabic and word for word English Translation.


A handy companion for your Quran Journey.

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