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Kids Prayer Mat

Kids Prayer Mat


Light Weight Travel Prayer Mat for Kids


Specifically and specially designed with your young ones in mind.


These beautiful designs get the kids excited for Salah everytime and at the same time reminding them what is most important in their daily lives.


Portable and waterproof making it convenient to be brought along anywhere and everywhere and it's so versatile, you can also use it at home.


Instill in the kids the importance of Salah wherever and whenever.


Super easy to fold, it comes with a roomy drawstring that makes it so easy for the children to fold and put them away independently.


Pray On The Go - KidsTravel Prayer Mat

☆ 4 designs to choose from

☆ Prayer Mat : 55 cm x 100cm

☆ Canvas ☆ Waterproof

☆ Great for outdoors and indoor


Build fun memories while instilling Faith!

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