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Super Sahaba Stories

Super Sahaba Stories

  • Character Building: Each story inspires faith, kindness, humility, and courage, providing valuable life lessons.


  • High-Quality: Meticulously crafted with special cover effects ensure this will be a book to cherish for years to come.


  • Heritage and History: 'Super Sahaba Stories' nurtures deep appreciation for Islamic heritage and history, helping children build a strong sense of identity.


Sahaba stories that your child relates to

We've carefully selected episodes from the lives of the Sahaba that relate to the modern Muslim child and crafted the stories in way they can relate to.


Enjoy the stories, learn the lessons

Between the lines of the stories, are life lessons that develop your child's understanding of Islam, the Seerah and our values.


  • Educational and Engaging: This book masterfully blends entertainment and education, teaching faith, courage, and character through the heroic tales of the Sahaba.


  • Vivid Illustrations: We don't show pictures of the Sahaba, but the Learning Roots characters 'enter the world' of the Sahaba, allowing us to illustrate the stories with children immersed in the scenes from stories.  
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