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The Maliks: Ramadan Mayhem | Middle Grade Series

The Maliks: Ramadan Mayhem | Middle Grade Series


A laugh-out-loud, endearing Ramadan story, with exciting illustrations throughout. Written and illustrated by Zanib Mian.


Maysa Malik just can’t seem to behave sensibly, like her twin brother Musa, which is why her parents have put their foot down and said she is not allowed to go on the residential trip with school. That’s basically spoilt the rest of Maysa’s life, so as she attempts to change her parents’ minds, a terrible lie spins out of control and Maysa and Musa, and the ever-present neighbour, Norman, find themselves in a puzzling whodunnit mystery at their masjid.


Can they work out who the culprit is? And will Maysa be able to save her reputation?



108 pages

For ages 7-12

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