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Twice the Love by Inda Ahmad Zahri

Twice the Love by Inda Ahmad Zahri


Hello you and hello … you.
Tell me, is it really true?
Double checking just in case,
twice the babies in one place?

Here is a joyful and heartwarming celebration of all the things that happen in twos: twice the cuddles, twice the kisses, twice the milestones, twice the love.

From Inda Ahmad Zahri and Nabila Adani comes the perfect gift for every family with twins.

About the Author

Inda Ahmad Zahri believes in a world of wonder. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, daughter and twin sons where she writes and illustrates for children. Her stories are inspired by natural and cultural gems curated from her travels and lovingly added to her Malaysian heritage. She is also a surgical doctor, swapping her writer’s hat and paintbrush for scrubs and scalpel when duty calls.

About the Illustrator

Nabila Adani lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and enjoys illustrating different cultures around the world. She briefly worked as product designer in Japan and Indonesia before moving to the United States to study children’s book illustration. Now, living back in Jakarta, she enjoys illustrating and telling stories for children worldwide.

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