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Unicorn Rescue Society | The Secret of the Himalayas

Unicorn Rescue Society | The Secret of the Himalayas



The newest adventure in the bestselling Unicorn Rescue Society transports readers to the Himalayan mountains in Northern Pakistan!
When Uchenna and Elliot’s classmate publishes an article in the school newspaper about the Schmoke Brothers, Professor Fauna notices something alarming in a photo. Mounted on the wall of the Schmoke’s living room is a single spiral horn that he’s certain could have come from only one animal—a unicorn! To save these magical creatures—and to finally see a unicorn themselves—the Unicorn Rescue Society heads to the rugged mountains of Pakistan.  
Hena Khan, the critically acclaimed author of Amina’s Voice, joins Newbery Honor-winner Adam Gidwitz for the Unicorn Rescue Society’s most dramatic, action-filled mission yet!

  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13:9780735231474
  • Elementary & Middle School
  • Ages: 7-12
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