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Wardah Qur'an Tagging Kit

Wardah Qur'an Tagging Kit


What is a Quran Tagging Kit?


 The Quran Tagging Kit is a Do It Yourself version kit.


Intentionally and thoughtfully developed with the intention to ease your journey in discovering and strengthening your bond with your own favourite personal Qur'an.


Discover and deepen your understanding of the words meant for you with your own Qur'an at your own time and pace..


The DIY Qur'an Tagging Kit Comes with

🔖a manual to guide you in your journey,

🔖 198 tags for all 30 juzuk,

🔖 important topic matters for that special ayah, special dua

🔖and the Prophet stories in the Qur'an.


Comes with :

Quran Tagging Manual

Sticker labels

Post it tags



Daily Dua Books

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